Gotz steiff giselle

Gotz steiff giselle, i was happy to find her in Germany, on the last photo you see her just as i bought her.
She didnt has a bang, i made a bang.
Take a look at my photoos and see she is a nice girl.
She has a gotz steiff jogging outfit, but i like the outfit more when tamira wears it.
And yes again giselle has the bonnie and pearl outfit, i love it!
At first i didn like the color of the lips, but i think its matching good with the yellow flowers on her dress.
I dont understand why gotz steiff did one ear button in ear, two had be nicer.
But its just the way it is…
I have three new photoos giselle bedroom in winteroutfit.


Ямогу: Реконструкция и творческий пошив одежды для антикварных и фарфоровых кукол


Ямогу: В свободное время творю для кукол. Делаю парики на minifee.

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The other earring could be put in itself when you want.
Yes that is a good answer, but i dont have a second button.
I think it makes sense to write in Russian) on the Russian site)
A pupa good!
Yes you are right, but i cant translate, my ipad doesnt do that.
And englisch is the world language.
You wonderful dolls!) I love Gotz) But such rare beauty can not fail to delight)

Why Gisele only in one ear earring is not known, the two would be better)) I agree)

Excuse my English, I'm probably not all true writing)
Your english is better then i can english.
Thank you for your comment.
I hope gotz steiff make again new dolls in 2017 with two ear buttons, haha!
Hello!) Thank you!) I would like to see the new dolls, with two rings in the ears) This is probably the only dream))
Your girls are more than just beautiful! They are rare to find! Especially Kiana! She's a real treasure. I miss her in my collcetion…
Happy you found your Giselle! She deserves to be loved!
I have 3 girls with this sculpt — they are amazing!
Your rarity doll! less and less can be found in the sale. Many fans and collectors they are not available)))). Thanks for sharing the photos!
Thats right, i ask many people but they dont want to sell.
I wish there was a shop with all rare dolls and buy easy, just as the new doll 2016 Charlotte.
But maybe gotz steiff come in 2017 with a new beauty! You never know!
Thank you for watching my doll giselle.
In the past i had a nadja and a giselle in blue dress, but i have sold.
This girl is amazing! She 8s so pretty and her violet floral dress suits her perfectly well.
I was so happy to find Giselle 2004 in the pink nightgawn on e-bay last month too. Her face is so gentle and what silky hair she has! Thanks for sharing!
Thank you, she is a beauty!
And you are lucky you find a giselle in nightgown, let me see photo if you want.
Nice day!
Hello Lijda, what a nice addition to your collection you've got here! Congratulations! :)

You did a great job fixing her bang! I know it takes a lot of work and patience! :)

Tamira looks very nice in this sport suit!

I can tell you about the jne gold earring-knopf :) It's originally from Steiff, not from Gotz. Some dolls were made in cooperation with Steiff company, and Steiff toys are always marked with gold knopf in the left ear, so some Gotz dolls got this earring too to indicate they were made together with Steiff company.
Hi Tatania,
Thank you, giselle is a nice girl.
The bang is okay, it could be better, but i am happy.
Tamira is really nice in joggingoutfit, the photo is not good.
Yes i know the steiff story, there are also soft toys, i have one rabbit with the button and label.
I didnt know it was the left side.
The giselle i have bought did not have a bang, do you know this doll with the orange lips?
I know nore but i dont know other steiff dolls with no bang, do you know?
I think your Giselle is from 2004 or 2005, looks like that, some of them have bright lips and some of them have light natural lips. I do not know why they are different within same production year.

My Giselle 2004 has bright lips, and Nadia 2004 has lighter lips:

I do not think there was another girl without bang with Giselle's face. Only Nora 2006, all other girls had had bangs.
Nurochka77 have a red hair girl with no bang, i dont know this doll.
Yes the lips are different, i know.
Your dollies are lovely girls!!!
I think i understand that there are Ooak gotz steiff dolls.
The hair is dyed and the bang is in the hair, so you cant see
Other color eyes.
Its very nice!
Good day, the girl was very preobrazzilas in your hands. she is beautiful.
Yes thank you, it had good result, i am happy.
Hello! You have got a really beautiful doll! On my opinion Giselles are the most beautiful dolls by Gotz. I also think your doll is produced in 2004-2005 years. My Giselle gives best regards to yours:))
Haha what a nice giselle do you have, she is really russish giselle!
I think the most gozt steiff dolls live in russia.
Thank you for your photo, and greetings from my giselle to your giselle!
Have a nice day!